Real Estate Marketing Ideas; Content Marketing

If you want to be successful on the internet it is a good real estate marketing idea to learn how to write website content. Since you only have seven seconds to capture the attention of the average webs surfer, it is a good content marketing  idea not to scare them off with long paragraphs and boring content.

Before you write one word, it is a good content marketing idea to decide what keywords you are going to focus on. Then think in terms of an outline and how you can incorporate those keywords you’re your article.

Remember in grade school when your teacher had you write an outline, well now is the time to use that skill:

I – Introduction – tell them what you are going to tell them

II – Body of the article. Cover the points, one-by-one

  • Point A
  • Point B
  • Point C

III – Conclusion – tell them what you told them

Now flesh out that outline.

Remember that the average web surfer wants to review the information you are offering quickly so it is a good marketing idea to keep it simple with lots of white space.

Incorporate keywords into the content a couple of times per 100 words. It is a good marketing idea to make sure that keywords appear naturally, not as if they were stuffed into the text.

Those who visit your blog want to see;

  • Short and to the point – sentences and paragraphs
  • Bolded words or phrases that make it easy to scan
  • Bullet points that offer the surfer a quick look
  • Visual images such as pictures and graphs that tell the story
  • One thought following the next, in a logical order
  • Complex information – simplified

Write at least 500 words.

If you have a lot to write about, consider breaking it down into two or more articles.

Search engines put an emphasis on a good visitor experience, so it is a good marketing idea to write your content for the human behind the computer. When your visitor spends time reading the content and comes back to read it again, and then shares it with friends – the search engines take notice and give the website a higher traffic ranking.

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