Real Estate Marketing Ideas; Understanding Video Marketing Types

Did you know that the average consumer would rather watch a video than read a newspaper or magazine? For that reason videos are an important real estate marketing idea. If you are not convinced yet, here are a couple more reasons to implement video into your marketing strategy:

Video expedites buying decisions by 72%.

A properly optimized video is 53% is more likely to rank on the first page of Google.

73% of home owners would prefer to work with an agent that works in video.

YouTube is replacing traditional television viewing for many users. In fact, the average YouTube viewer spends 164 minutes online every day, while television viewers only spend just 130 minutes per day.

Videos are inexpensive to produce.  Your only expense is the shooting and editing of the video which can be done with a video camera costing less than $100.

So, I know you are asking, what kinds of videos work best? Well, we are going to consider three categories; informative, educational, or entertaining.


This type of video is the equivalent to a newscast. Essentially, it is an infomercial, a soft sell through the use of a talking head to introduce a product, talk about the latest issues in your industry, offer opinions or give advice. Throw in some graphics to add visual interest, different camera angles, background music, multiple shots and scenes and you can have an interesting real estate listing video.


Basically a how-to type of video where you can show the viewer something useful, typically in step-by-step fashion; how to get ready for an open house, or how to stage your home to sell. The key here is to offer truly useful content for either pre or post purchase use.  This type of video should be planned in advance with a story board and scripting for every video clip you make. Feed all of the video clips into an editing program, such as Windows Movie Maker, add transitions and onscreen graphics.


Now we are talking funny videos. The biggest problem with trying to create an entertaining video is that what is funny to one person, isn’t necessarily funny to another. The goal is a video that people remember and want to share. When an entertaining video works, it works really well. You will either succeed wildly or fail miserably. If done right, an entertaining video is great for establishing and maintaining your brand image.

Videos should not be blatant advertisements, instead a video should deliver a subtle message, kind of like an infomercial.  Viewers like to be either informed, educated or entertained, so make sure your videos serve at least one of these functions, and, at the same time focus on creating a video that appeals to your target audience.

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