Internet Marketing Tips; Determine what sets you apart from the competition

Internet Marketing Tip; Determine what sets you apart or 
distinguishes you from other small business owners offering 
the same product or service.

Internet Marketing Tip: Define your Unique Selling Position (USP).

In other words, what do you bring to the table that is different or distinguishes you from every other small business owner offering the same, or similar products and/or services?

Without clearly defining and communicating these distinctions, your prospects and clients basically view your product or service as chosen for its availability or low price. The distinction comes from providing values and attributes that your prospects and clients can only receive when they buy your product or work with your business.

Internet Marketing Tip: Determine what sets you apart from the competition:

  • Find something true about yourself, your business, or your product that either defines or differentiates you from all of your competition.
  • There are unique benefits (or value) that your prospects or clients receive only when they work with you, your business, or your product.
  • Reinforce your United Selling Position (USP) every single time your prospect or client encounters your name, your business or your product.

When you know what makes you unique, you know what set of skills that you bring to the table that distinguishes you from your competition.

Whether you are selling real estate, shoes, or the newest software, you have a set of skills… maybe even a unique way of solving problems, that you use to sell that product or service.

Instead of trying to please all of the people all of the time, focus on pleasing some of the people – a defined segment of the market – in an extraordinary way due to the set of skills that you use to close the sale.

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