Internet Marketing Tips; Schedule Marketing Time and Maximize that Time

Internet Marketing Tips; Block out time on your calendars to 
market your business and then make sure to maximize the time 
spent marketing.

Many of us know we need to market our business and our intentions are good, however, we just never get around to market our products or services on a consistent basis. We get busy conducting the day-to-day operations of our business (and our lives), and suddenly we realize that we are about to run out of business.

So, we get back on track… for a time, and market are business. And after a while we get busy, too busy to market. Over and over again we repeat this cycle and because of this, there is no consistency to our business.

Internet Marketing Tip: Schedule Time for Marketing

Remember the 80/20 rule: 80% of your sales are a result of 20% of your time spent on marketing efforts. What this means is – if you work a 40 hour week, then 20% of your time, or 8 hours, needs to be spent on marketing activities

Schedule time for marketing. Block out times on your calendar that you can devote to marketing activities.

  • 1 day a week, either the beginning of the week or the end.
  • 2 days a week, like Tuesday and Thursday-4 hours each day.
  • 4 days a week, like Monday through Thursday-2 hours each day.

NOTE: If you have to reschedule that time, block those hours out on your calendar in another place.

Internet Marketing Tip: Maximize your Marketing Time

a) If you want leads

  • Write an eBook and offer it for free
  • Write relevant blogs that support your target market
  • Offer Newsletter Subscriptions
  • Set up a Facebook Business Page that provides relevant information for your target market
  • Advertise on Facebook for LIKES for that Business Page
  • Engage in conversations at Social Media sites: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc.

b) If you want to build marketing lists

  • Getting business cards from people at networking events
  • Hosting a booth, Sign-Up sheet
  • Setting up a lead capture system at website
  • Invite social networks to free event

c) If you want to establish yourself as an expert

  • Offer free informational booklets
  • Offer free webinars or seminars
  • Organize a free meet-up
  • Offer to do free presentations at meet-ups
  • Blog on relevant subjects

Thank you for reading these Internet Marketing Tips. We look forward to your questions and comments, feel free to add your thoughts in the box below.

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