When Vision collides with Reality

Awhile back I began a year-long quest to answer the question: What kind of impact does a high ranking website have, alongside very focused Social Media Marketing campaign and an assortment of FREE Offers?


I wanted to test a theory that providing valuable information at a website and sharing it with lots of fans on Social Media would exponentially pay off – the number of people in my sales funnel would not only double, and I would convert prospects into clients.

The end goal was to build an Internet Marketing business, where my clients would pay for me to market the businesses.

Actions taken to achieve VISION:

  1. Set up a website to host my Internet marketing Tips, post 7 new content seven times a week.

  2. Set up Social Media pages to promote the website and my business.

  3. Establish a marketing budget to get LIKES, followers and connections to social media sites.

  4. Schedule Posts at all of my social media sites once a day.


All of the above activities have so far paid off… to a degree.

  1. The website is up and getting about 20 – 50 visitors a day.

  2. I have a significant number of  subscribers to my newsletter.

  3. The prospects that I convert to clients have me set up their websites and social media, create content, and reach out to their target markets.

  4. I am building automated lead generation systems, advertising at Facebook and Google, and then incubate the leads with an automated email system.

So, here we are,  and it’s time to adjust my VISION:

  1. Instead of creating 7 new blogs a week, I will create at least four and sometimes five.

  2. I have set up a schedule to accomplish 1 post a day to all of my social networking sites. Instead of trying to do it all in one sitting, I spend about an hour a day, 5 days a week.

  3. And, since what my clients want is websites, social networking and custom content, those are the services I am providing.

  4. And, I have added something new to my social networking arsenal – Instagram marketing.

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow… For now, I am just adjusting to the needs of my clients, while at the same time focusing on the VISION… long-term.

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