Real Estate Marketing Ideas; Email Marketing that Works

Email marketing has been around since the early 1990’s and, in fact, predates the internet. Businesses quickly figured out that email was not only an effective way to market products and services, but a more cost-effective method than mass mailing advertisements to residences. Email marketing is an important real estate marketing idea.

These days sending promotional messages via internet based email is bigger than direct mail marketing and has been since 1995. In fact, 39.4% of marketing professionals said that email marketing was their strongest performing channel in 2009. And over half of email marketing is spent on customer retention.

Did you know this about email marketing…

Did you know that 98.8% of all messages get delivered, 23% of recipients open the email, and 5-6% click on links back to your website. Compare that you mass mailing advertisements which gets you about a 1-2% return and you know why email is an important real estate marketing idea.

Email Marketing is one-to-one marketing – You can and should tailor your message to the individual recipients. The most successful email marketing campaigns offer a product or service that is related to another item purchased.

Email marketing is database marketing – You can build and manage your customer databases by setting up lists. Do your programming well and you can have your entire email marketing campaign automatically sending the right notices and products for each customer in your database.

Email marketing is permission marketing – Legitimate email marketing is opt-in marketing; the receiver agrees to accept emails from an entity. The goal is to stay in front of your customers, without becoming an unwelcome annoyance. When the receiver is no longer interested – there are large and noticeable ‘unsubscribe’ links.

Email marketing is frequent marketing – It is important to stay in front of your customers on a regularly basis; ‘drip’ frequent emails to your customer base – once a week, once a month, one mailing at a time.

Email marketing is inexpensive – You don’t pay for the number of emails you send out, only the number of email addresses stored in a database. So, whatever the quantity and frequency, your costs are essentially the same. And, a short email costs the same as a long one.

Email marketing is trackable marketing – you can track where your sales come from by tracking referrers in your site statistics. You don’t have to guess where a specific sale came from—you know.

With all that being said, if you don’t consider email marketing to be an important real estate marketing idea, then you need to read this article again.

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