Internet Marketing Ideas; GET SALES

Years ago, I memorized the acronym GET SALES for a women’s clothing store management position. The idea was treat each letter as a part of the sales process. So when the customer walked in the store, first I would greet, then engage in conversation, mentions the sales, show and suggest clothing articles…and so on.

In fact, we were warned that the corporate office would be sending in professional shoppers who would report on our performance, so it was important not to leave out one letter of the acronym.

These days I’ve been giving a lot of thought to GET SALES and how this marketing idea would work to help real estate agents and small business people marketing their businesses in social networking. And, so here it is…

Greet every friend, follower, contact or connection. Send a personal message that invites interaction to your social networking contacts. This activity is always a good real estate marketing idea.

Engage in conversation – asking questions about their business, interests or hobbies is always an important real estate marketing idea. Get to know your social networking connections first, share your business only when asked.

Tell your story and establish your credibility. Do that in such a way that it is entertaining to your social networking contacts and explains what you do and why you do it.

Share, Comment and Like, be generous in your interaction with your social networking contacts. Give, give and then give some more.

Ask a series of questions – How did you get into this line of business? What is the biggest challenge you have in your business? Describe your ideal client? What makes you unique?

Lead Capture, collecting names, addresses, phone numbers and emails from the social networking contacts in your target market is always a good real estate marketing idea.

Establish marketing campaign using drip marketing techniques, and then follow through with telemarketing, direct mail and email.

Share your knowledge and expertise for FREE, without expecting anything in return from your social networking connections. Free referrals, Free eBooks, free webinars and podcasts are always great real estate marketing ideas.

These days people are so jaded that they don’t react well when sales people are ‘selling’ to them. In fact, don’t ‘sell’ until someone asks your services. In the end, if you are consistently incorporating each of the above GET SALES activities into your internet marketing ideas you will win social networking connections and establish yourself as someone people can trust in your industry.

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