Internet Marketing Tips; Convert Visitors to Leads with CTAs

Internet Marketing Tip; Adding a call-to-action to 
a blog helps convert visitors into informed 
prospects giving you a chance to build trust.

In the last Internet Marketing Tip, we talked about how blogging was about establishing your expertise. It is that and so much more. Blogging is an opportunity to attract organic traffic, engage with your audience, and convert visitors into leads. To achieve this goal, you add call-to-actions (CTAs) to your posts.

Internet Marketing Tip: Add a call-to-action to every website article/blog.

What is a call-to-action?

Simply put, a CTA is a response you want users to complete. As a writer, you use words that urge the reader, listener, or viewer of a message to take immediate action, such as; Download an eBook, Follow us on Facebook, Subscribe to this blog, Join your newsletter, etc.

A CTA is also a way to convert Potentially Interested prospects into Informed Prospects in the Sales Funnel.

When the reader clicks the link, they are taken to a Sign-Up form or a landing page that provides downloadable access to more in-depth learning material materials, such as an eBook or webinar.

You could produce longer-form pieces of written content like eBooks, whitepapers, 10 step guides, or you could also produce videos, webinars and slideshows. These offers shouldn’t be randomly selected. No, these offers should be based on what types of content attract your target audience. And you can find those statistics in your website analytics.

Internet Marketing Tip; CTA’s offer gives you a chance to educate your readers.

For instance, you could provide an eBook on how to use Facebook to market a business. The offer could be a series of training videos on mobile marketing. Or you could offer a free webinar on Blogging to Promote a Business.

Internet Marketing Tip; CTA offers to convert visitors into leads.

When a visitor “opts-in”, essentially they are giving you their contact information in exchange for your offer. Once you have a contact’s email address, essentially they have opted-in to your sales funnel and you can start converting them from prospects to clients, building their trust along the way.

It’s a good idea to include CTAs both in the sidebar of your blog as well on every individual article you publish. You can include a button CTA in the sidebar and a text CTA within the body of your blog content.

Thank you for reading these Internet Marketing Tips. We look forward to your questions and comments, feel free to add your thoughts in the box below.

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