Marketing Idea; Use guerrilla branding tactics

These days I carry a smart phone with me whenever I leave the house, and, just in case I see something interesting or provocative I can snap a picture or record a video.  Then, in just a few seconds I can post it on my favorite social networking site.

There is no longer any real privacy, whatever you do or say could end up on the internet within seconds.

‘At any point when a customer interacts with a company there is an opportunity to have a positive or negative branding experience. We can no longer claim to be one thing in public and another in private. Being transparent has its downsides – make sure you can walk your talk. You’re always on stage.’1

So what is authentic guerrilla branding?

Well, if you make promises and statements that are rock solid-today and forever, if you focus on building business relationships that last for a lifetime, if you are always accessible even for criticism, and if you take the criticism and use it to improve the customer experience,  then you are already using guerrilla tactics to develop your brand marketing.

Furthermore, authentic guerrilla branding must be:

Easy to understand

A short business description (about 140 characters) is an effective way of ensuring your branding is easy to understand. This description can be used to answer a question on a social network, it could be a tagline on a video, or in person at a networking event.


Your branding, benefits and messaging have to be distinct. Whatever the competition does…do it different. Chat more, contribute more, and listen more than your competitors. It is important to master the social networking tools and produce content that is innovative and creative enough to be memorable.

Easy to share

If you have an easy to understand message that is distinct, people will share it—so make it easy for them to share it. Every page of your website, blog or social networking portal should be able to be shared with one click.

Easy to find

Make your business easy to find. Starting with your website, you need a well-crafted meta description, a catchy title, easy navigation and intuitive sitemap. And, get your branding ‘UserName’ out there… reserve it at every social network you are aware of. Don’t forget to include; phone number, email address and web address.

Always on

Being always on means being aware and ready to capture life’s moments instantly – using tools that make it easy to publish content to the web.  And, it’s about understanding that at any moment you may have an opportunity to have others record, photograph, or publish about you.


People buy from people. You must become their friend by finding common ground.  This could come in the form of sharing interests, engaging in conversations and making the other person feel totally heard and listened to.

Consistent across all platforms and media

Consistency, conviction, passion, and focus are needed for any social media marketing plan to succeed. Your tone, brand marketing presentation, personal appearance, behavior, and customer engagement philosophy must be applied consistently across all of your business undertakings. This creates a sense of security and trust for your customers, prospects and community… even your own staff.

In short, branding with guerrilla tactics is an important  marketing idea, just remember to keep it simple, easy to share and find, and consistent.

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