Internet Marketing Tips; Implement A/B Testing at your Landing Pages

Internet Marketing Tips; Creating remarkable content 
drives traffic to a website, implementing landing page 
A/B testing will improve conversion rates.

#184. Internet Marketing Tip: Implement landing page A/B testing to improve conversion rates.

What is A/B testing? The process of creating 2 or more versions of your landing page to test just one element of your landing page.

Taking into account just one landing page element, if the A version includes testimonials, and the B version doesn’t, then you are testing whether or not your visitors respond to testimonials. Another example, if the A version installs the contact form on the right side of the page and the B version installs it on the left hand side, then you are testing the placement of the contact form.

Then, with all other factors being equal, you promote both offers at the same time to similar contact lists. By tracking the performance of each version, you compare the conversion rates in order to determine which of the two versions, A or B, converts prospects into leads more efficiently.

Another A/B testing tactic would be to create two entirely different landing pages, therefore testing two unique versions against each other. The downside to this sort of tactic is in the discovery, in fact you will not be able to determine the exact features that cause a difference in your A/B testing.

If just a few tweaks to your landing page will generate more leads from the traffic you are already getting, then all the work of running A/B tests is worth the effort. And since only 40% of marketers actually conduct A/B tests, then there is a good chance that your direct competitors aren’t, and you can grab a bigger share of the market.

Lets face it, you’ve already spent countless hours creating incredible content to drive traffic to your website so it is important to convert as many prospects into leads as possible.  So, take the time to conduct A/B tests at your landing pages and get a leg up on the competition.

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