Internet Marketing Tips; 8 Tips to get the Email Subject Line Right

#210. Internet Marketing Tip: Clearly state your message in 50 characters or less.

If you want to write a better email subject line, think in terms of a newspaper headline. Newspaper headlines include the important facts in a very limited space. An email headlines should clearly state what your audience will find in your message, what’s in it for them… and what action you would like for them to take. Truth is, there usually isn’t room enough for all of that information, all of the time. Just try to imagine how a news journalist would word your email subject line.

#211. Internet Marketing Tip: Never ever recycle a subject line from another campaign.

What works for one email campaign probably won’t work in the next. In other words, the subject line for a learning opportunity should be worded differently than a money saving opportunity, and both are different from a newsletter. And you should never every recycle an subject line from another campaign. Each email campaign should stand out from another.

#212. Internet Marketing Tip: Do not repeat wording in your subject line that is already in your ‘from’ line.

The ‘from’ line tells your audience who sent the email, and the subject line tells them what’s in the email for them. If you list your company name in the ‘from’ line, you don’t need to repeat it in the subject line, and this gives you more room in your 50 characters to tell them how they will benefit from reading your email.

#213. Internet Marketing Tip: Include the most important benefit to your audience first in your subject line.

Depending on the email platform, most allow at least 50 characters including spaces. Make sure to include your  most important audience benefit in the first 50 characters, and make sure that the 50 character cut-off doesn’t occur in the middle of some crucial information, such as the price or date.

#214. Internet Marketing Tip: A sense of Urgency drives Action

Set a deadline, such as; “Order by midnight on April 10th”, “Last day to ensure Christmas delivery”. Use this  type of headline to create a sense of urgency. For example, “Just One Week Left…”, “24 hour reminder…”, ” One Hour and Counting…”.

#215. Internet Marketing Tip: Be on guard for the spam filters.

Run your subject line copy through a content checker; try,,  and A content checker will tell you which phrases to avoid. There are a couple of things that will trigger the spam filter for sure – email subject lines with all caps, and using more than one exclamation point. Remember there is a fine line between ‘catchy’ email content and ‘spammy’, so in order to avoid your emails landing in the spam filter.

#216. Internet Marketing Tip: Use caution when including the word ‘Free’.

For a long time marketers have avoided using the word Free in the subject line for fear of landing in the spam filter. However, today, using the word Free doesn’t always land your email as spam. Just don’t make ‘free’ the first word, and don’t use it in juxtaposition with an explanation point, or spell it in all caps. People in your audience still respond to ‘free’… and it could increase the number of orders significantly that should outweigh the number of email messages lost from filtering.

#217. Internet Marketing Tip: Review the subject-line performance.

Conduct A/B subject line tests, then review the results at your email marketing provider – which subject lines get the most opens, the most conversions and the highest click-through rate. Next review your website analytics reports to see which of your newsletter article topics draw the most clicks or forwards, which keywords get the most traffic, and where your traffic is coming from.

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