Internet Marketing Tips; Use Consistent Branding and Personal Salutations in Emails

Internet Marketing Tips; Increase opened marketing 
emails by being consistent with your branding and 
including personalized salutations.

#218. Internet Marketing Tips; When Email Marketing – Be consistent with your Branding

One way to increase the ‘opened’ percentage of your market emails is to be consistent with your branding. You want the people opening your emails to recognize who you are and remember why they opened your email.

The branded elements of your emails should be similar to all of your marketing materials; website, social networking sites, videos, etc. A consistent brand logo, language and tone helps your audience recognize who you are and what you stand for. And, a consistent brand sends a message to your prospects, establishing your expertise and building trust.

Every email marketing service gives you the opportunity to design your own template, you do it once, save it and then use it over and over. Be sure to incorporate your company colors, logo and branding statements.

When designing your email template, keep it simple and pay attention to how long does it take to download your messages. When using large images or video your run the risk of creating problems in your prospects inboxes.

#219. Internet Marketing Tips; When email marketing, include personalized salutations.

Be sure to include your the email recipient’s first name in your email greeting. Personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14%.

Despite the impressive benefits of email personalization, 68% of marketers aren’t utilizing personalized content in their email marketing – which is surprising over 1/3rd of marketers believe personalized campaigns are highly effective.

Beyond email personalization, it’s also important to deliver personalized messages or specific offers based on what your prospects recently clicked on or seems to be interested in. If you are segmenting your lists, you can easily develop targeted content based on your audience’s interests and behaviors.

Think of what it feels like to walk into your favorite restaurant and your favorite waitress leads you to your favorite place to sit, then brings your favorite beverage and your favorite soup or salad. This is what list segmenting is all about, using specific lists to deliver individualized content based on your prospects Offer responses and/or past history.

When you sit down to set up your next email marketing campaign, be sure to include company colors and logo – in other words be consistent with your brand. And, don’t forget the importance of personalizing not only the salutation but also the content that you are delivering to your segmented lists.

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