Internet Marketing Tips; Avoid Marketing Automation Mistakes

Internet Marketing Tips: Mistakes in marketing automation 
include; relying on one list, failure to segment lists 
and marketing just one channel-email.
Marketing Automation; “The use of a marketing automation platform is to streamline sales and marketing organizations by replacing high-touch, repetitive manual processes with automated solutions.” Courtesy of

Marketing automation is a great idea that can potentially go very wrong. If done incorrectly, it can undervalue a marketer’s contact list, irritate prospects on the receiving end and generate poor results.

Let’s take a look as some common mistakes made with marketing automation:

#153. Internet Marketing Tip: It’s a mistake to rely on just one big list

Think about your own inbox… how long do you put up with marketing emails from companies you don’t intend to buy something from? Have you ever changed jobs, or switched email addresses? There are many different reasons why the average contact list expires at the rate of 25% per year. And the harder you market to your list, the less effective it will be over time.

Fighting attrition is tough, and growing your database requires lots of work. For this reason marketing automation must be complemented by inbound marketing to be a sustainable strategy over time.

#154. Internet Marketing Tip: It is a mistake to market to just one segment of your target market

If your marketing is working the way it should be, prospects are responding to different keywords, opening certain pages and clicking on specific links.  So instead of setting up a big list (one size fits all list), segment your list into smaller more specific lists. Then create campaign materials better targeted for your smaller segments.

#155. Internet Marketing Tip: It’s a mistake to rely solely on email for marketing

Email marketing is important and when done properly it can generate great results. However, relying too heavily on email marketing is problematic due to the fact that:

1) It’s getting harder and harder to effectively reach your leads through email. Yes, email is easy to send, but with all of the input we get these days… it’s hard to read it all and sometimes it’s just easier to bulk delete.

2) Ignoring other marketing channels means your prospects get different message depending on where they find your brand. By other channels, think in terms of social networking, blogs, videos, etc.

Inbound marketing means creating content that attracts real prospects who need what you provide. Build a relationship (and trust) with those prospects and then be in the right place at the right time when your prospect is ready to buy.

Thank you for taking the time to read  this internet marketing tip on the sales funnel and  lead nurturing. Feel free to comment below, we look forward to your questions or concerns.

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