Internet Marketing Tips; Add a Value Proposition to your Email Content

Internet Marketing Tips; Include a Value Proposition 
in the body of your email marketing content, along 
with data supporting it and visual elements.

Just as soon as someone opens your email they should know (within 3 seconds) just exactly what you offer is about and what’s in it for them. This is your Value Proposition and it should be in the first sentence of your email.

A powerful Value Proposition should clearly address the key points of your Offer in clear and concise language. For a stellar Value Proposition you will want to apply the following strategies:

#1. Clearly outline just exactly ‘what’s in it for’ your email recipients when they complete the requested action; download your eBook, sign up for your free training, purchase your product/service, etc. For example, the sentence “Download Free guide – 5 Steps to Facebook Marketing Success” tells the reader that the guide is free, that there are just 5 steps and how they will access the Offer.

#2. Add data that provides proof that your offer solves your audience’s problem. For example, if your message was about mobile marketing you might want to reference the prediction that by the year 2014, more people will be accessing the internet by a mobile device. You would include a reference to that fact.

#3. Use visual elements to improve click through rate. For example, use bullet points to break up the text and emphasize the benefits of your Offer. You can also include hyperlinks in your email content in case your audience prefers to read your content at a website. And, finally, you could add a download button to access your Offer after the value proposition so that people can receive the download while they still are excited about it.

#4. Not part of the Value Proposition, but still important – you need to remind the subscriber where and why they subscribed to your email marketing list. Don’t know what  about you, but most people have short memories when it comes to what Offers they have subscribed to and what links they have clicked on… so you have to remind them.

A carefully thought out marketing email includes a Value Proposition, data to support it and visual elements to make it easy for your audience to respond to your Offer.


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