Internet Marketing Tips; Add CTA Button to Marketing Emails

Internet Marketing Tips: Add a call-to-action button to 
marketing emails; make sure it stands out and spells out 
what's in it for your audience.

Every marketing email should have a call-to-action (CTA) button that triggers an action; ‘download an eBook’, ‘sign up for a webinar’,  ‘purchase a product’, etc. Make sure that the call-to-action button is prominently displayed in your email.

Let’s examine the CTA button:

The Button: Create a CTA button that stands out and install it ‘above the fold’ immediately after the Value Proposition. Once you have explained what is exceptional about your Offer, you want the reader to immediately download your Offer before they get side-tracked with something else.

The Button Text: Most of us scan our emails rather than reading every word so it is important to minimize the text in the CTA button. Keep it short, between 90 – 150 characters including spaces. It is important to tell your audience what action they must take to receive the offer and create a sense of urgency.

Supportive Written Content: It is important to add a few sentences or a paragraph of written content that further explain the just exactly what the Offer is and what benefits that it provides. Again, keep it short and concise, and provide at least 3 bullet points to reinforce the benefits that your audience will gain when they click on the CTA button.

CTA buttons should stand out on the page, communicate clear value and text that drives your audience to click on them. All you need is a great design, short easy to understand call-to-action button and written content that clearly spells out the just exactly what your Offer is and ‘what’s in it’ for your audience.

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