Internet Marketing Tips: Analyze and Integrate Marketing Statistics

Internet Marketing Tips: Compare email marketing 
statistics with all other data to ensure top 
performance and convert prospects into clients.

#201. Internet Marketing Tip: Analyze all of your marketing statistics

One thing the internet does is provide lots of valuable statistical data… there is data everywhere with every marketing tool you use; Google Analytics, social networking sites, automation & syndication platforms, short link and QR code conversion sites, marketing software, etc.

Just by focusing on a few of those data sources you can get a sense of what’s working. For instance, at Google Analytics you can see if your SEO is working, and even if it is improving. You can see which of your keywords are driving traffic to your website, AND you can see which landing pages are getting traffic and whether or not visitors are converting to leads.

#202. Internet Marketing Tip: Integrate all of your marketing data – determine what’s working

The frustration for a marketer is to integrate all of the data from all of the different locations. You need to  be able to  analyze it in order to make better marketing decisions. And, with this data you can better optimize your Offers and segment your prospects so that you can deliver content that will generate better quality leads and improve conversion rates.

You could use a spreadsheet, just enter your categories on the left and your dates across the top. Or, you could pay a service;,,, etc., from a few hundred dollars a month to maybe thousands. If you are just getting started – use a spreadsheet.

Once you have all of your data in one place, spend some time analyzing it. You now have a better chance at being able to determine which of your marketing efforts are working, and keeping you buyer persona in mind, you can offer them content that fits with their intent and their needs.

If you take the time to compare your email marketing statistics, right along side of  all of the other data available to you, you can determine what’s working. And, if you know what’s working you have a better chance of creating content that nurtures leads, converting them to clients.

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