Internet Marketing Tips; Get those Emails Opened

Internet Marketing Tips; There are two aspects of an 
email that determine whether it gets opened by a 
subscriber; the ‘From’ and the ‘Subject’ lines.
Let’s face it, all of us get too many emails, some that we open and some that we don’t.
At least once a day I click the box at the top of the email links, which in turn clicks all of the boxes next to each one of the emails on that page. Then I scroll down the page and unclick the emails that I want to save, and when I get to the bottom of the page I dump every email checked into the trash can.
What is it that triggers my reaction to an email save it and/or read it? There are 4 kinds of emails that I save:
  • A business related email… someone interested in my services and/or products.
  • An expected email, something I look forward to… like a newsletter, an ebook, a video, etc.
  • An email from someone that I admire or am big fan of… want to see what they are up to.
  • Something in the Subject Line attracts my attention… maybe it is amusing, inspiring – even shocking.
Whatever type of email it is, I pay attention to a couple of things; who its from and what’s in the subject line. If those two items don’t grab my attention… the email goes in the trash!

#203. Internet Marketing Tip: Optimize the ‘From’ line

What to Put In Your From Line:

  • Use your company’s strongest branded presence as your from line. This may be your company name, but may include well-known individuals or spokespeople from your company.
  • Use the same from line every time you email to create consistency.
  • Keep it under 22 characters, it will be easier to read across the email platforms and smart phones.
  • Never use a “do not reply” address. It discourages conversation.

#204. Internet Marketing Tip: Optimize the Email Subject Line

The subject line has a couple of jobs:

  • To entice the subscriber to open it
  • To accurately describe the contents in the message

Unfortunately there is no magic formula for writing subject lines that guarantee opens. The subscriber makes a choice to open (or trash) based on; how busy they are, what their expectations are of the content, their past experiences with your brand, and much, much more.

#205. Internet Marketing Tip: Always keep in mind that your visitor is asking – What’s in it for me?”

However, a carefully crafted subject line may sway their decision. If your audience is not opening your marketing emails, you may want re-thing your strategy. People open emails based on “What’s in it for me?”;

  • Will it entertain me?
  • Will it save me money?
  • Will it make me smarter?
  • Or, will it solve a problem?

Answer one those questions in the subject line, add social proof (the name of a client that benefited) or a sense of urgency (deadline or discount) and you have a far better chance of getting your marketing email opened.

As a business you have a lot to offer and it is your emails that bring that news to your subscribers. So it is important that your emails get opened, giving your audience a chance to click through to your website, or opt-in to an Offer. And so it is important that you create emails that get opened by your audience.
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