Internet Marketing Tips; Build an easy-to-use website

Internet Marketing Tips; Make sure your website is easy to 
use with simple navigation, a clear call to action, easy to 
read font size and a lightweight design that loads quickly.

#113. Internet Marketing Tip;  Focus on your website layout, keeping it clean and simple

  • Install a simple menu either in the left-hand column or across the top
  • Minimize your design to focus your visitors attention on what is most important
  • For a local business, include the names of areas you serve
  • Focus layout on the visitor call-to-action
  • Use compressed images with ALT tags and descriptions attached

#114. Internet Marketing Tips; Use website analytics to determine where your visitors are coming from (and going to) so that you can optimize your website design and content.

  • If a page has a high bounce rate, rewrite it and tweak the keywords
  • Pay attention to which keywords people are using most often to find your site and write more articles using those keywords
  • Test color schemes and website design to see which one keeps the most visitor

#115. Internet Marketing Tip: Test website for ease of use, have friends and family test your website and get their feedback.

  • Was it easy to understand your website concept
  • Was it easy to find pertinent informatio
  • Was there anything that was annoying about the website

#116. Internet Marketing Tip: Think of your website as the hub of the internet marketing wheel.

All of your social networking sites, and local marketing listings point back at your website, just like the spokes of a wheel. That is why it is important to be clear about your product and/or service, while at the same time providing interesting and relevant information that your target market needs to make purchase decisions… without selling.

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