Internet Marketing Tips; Understand and Practice Relevancy

Internet Marketing Tips; Relevancy is all of about 
the position of text on the webpage. Start with an outline, then write content that is relevant.

#117. Internet Marketing Tip; Relevancy is all of about the position of text on the webpage:

*How a keyword relates to other words in the text.
*The proximity of a keyword to other keywords
*Where the keyword is positioned on the page.
*Whether the keyword is part of a complete statement.
*How many times a keyword is used in the page.

One relevancy technique may work with one search engine and not with another. In fact, the varying definitions of relevancy makes optimizing your webpages for every search engine  virtually impossible.

Have you ever come across a webpage that uses a certain keyword over and over, even though the way the word is used in the content doesn’t make any sense? While this optimization technique may work for some search engines, it won’t work for others. And in fact, the search engines may actually ignore the use of the use of that keyword which means the web[age may actually be indexed lower in the search results.

#118. Internet Marketing Tip: Use sound organizational techniques that bolster the relevancy of your webpage message.

An important tip: If your website is already written, focus on your home page and top-level pages first. When looking at that content and thinking about a re-write, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is it clear what the webpage is about?
  2. Do the paragraphs in the page build relevancy for the main subject?
  3. Does the page build on the relationship between the main category and sub-categories?
  4. Do the links have descriptions that clearly define what the link points to?
  5. Are the statements made in the page clear and concise?
  6. Are there any ambiguous statements related to the main theme of the page that need to be clearly defined?

#119. Internet Marketing Tip; When creating content – start with an outline.

Make a list of the points you want to include in the content, and make sure that one thought follows another, resulting in content relevancy. In the final analysis, if you are providing information that people are looking for in a powerful and relevant manner, the search engines will drive traffic to your doorstep.


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