Internet Marketing Tips; Buy the right domain

Internet Marketing Tips; Buy the right domain 
to build credibility on the web, improve your 
website's visibility and search engine ranking.

The most important aspect of a brick and mortar business is ‘location, location, location’. However,  internet marketing is all about the domain. No matter how small your business, a good domain can put you on equal footing with a much larger business.

#110. Internet Marketing Tip; When marketing your business on the internet, a unique domain name is essential

Domains cost as little as $10.00 per year (depending on the registrar), which is a small price to pay for the credibility that the right domain lends to your business. If a potential visitor sees a memorable domain name offline, they are more likely to visit the website than if they see a non-memorable URL.

#111. Internet Marketing Tips; 7 Keys to Buying the right domain keeping

  1. Keyword Research, does the domain get a significant number of global monthly demand and have a limited number of search engine results.
  2. Top Level, choose a top level domain (.com preferably), and hosted in the United States.
  3. Used URL’s, check the search engines to see if the domain you are thinking of using has any links indexed and run it through the Wayback Machine to make sure there are no previous associations with pornography, hate or violence, or negative back links attached to it.
  4. Black Listed, make sure the domain you are about to purchase is not black listed at
  5. Relevancy, make sure the domain you are choosing is relevant to the product or service your website will provide.
  6. URL length, shorter is better and easier to remember
  7. Be aware of Copyrights & Trademarks, avoid potential legal conflict by using the search engines to look for an existing business with trademarks or copyrights.

Everyday about 100,000 .com domains are registered, however, it is still possible to find a great domain. The longer you wait to register a domain for yourself, the more limited your choice become.

#112. Internet Marketing Tip; Add your domain name to all of your marketing materials

Add your domain to business  cards, brochures, fliers, postcards, email signature, marketing letters, etc. A domain name is just like a sign pointing directly at your site.   Thank you for reading these Internet Marketing Tips. We look forward to your questions and comments, feel free to add your thoughts in the box below. SUBSCRIBE to this website and we’ll email you a newsletter twice a month talking about simple online techniques and the things that may be holding you back from growing your business.

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