Internet Marketing Tips; Market with impact on Google+

Internet Marketing Tips: Impact your target market at 
Google+ in just 1 hour a day; reach out, engage with 
prospects, establish trust and expertise.

What follows is a fictional depiction of what it is going to take to make an impact in your target market at Google+:

Total Time dedicated to Google+ marketing per day: 1 hour

Goal: Reach out to target audience, engage with prospects, post community news, drive traffic to your website, story building, etc.

  • How many times to post off-topic posts: 2-3 times a day (share who you are and what makes you tick)
  • How many times to post community news: 4-6 times a day (Share what is going on in your industry)
  • How many times to share links to blog or projects: 1-2 times a day
  • Number of comments, likes & shares: 30+ times a day (Connecting is the name of this game, the goal is to engage with people in my target market, don’t forget to respond to people that comment, like or share your posts)
  • Circle new prospects: 10+ times a day (Reaching out to people in your target market by industry or geography)

It’s important to be a leader and connector in your community so that people will come to rely on you for relevant (and interesting) information, establishing expertise and building trust. By sharing industry news, your prospects will come to ‘know’ you by what you share. However, it is also important to be real so that people will come to know the human behind the expert.

Sounds like more than an hour a day, however, if you use the Chrome app – Do Share, you can schedule all of your posts for the day in about 1/2 hour.  And if you access gmail regularly, you can easily see what kind of Google+ activity is happening and respond quickly.

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