Internet Marketing Tips; Adding a Sitemap

Internet marketing tip: A sitemap makes it easy 
for visitors to find the content they are looking 
for and spider-bots to index all of your content.

#108. Internet Marketing Tip; Add a sitemap to your website.

A sitemap makes it easy for your visitors to find the content they are looking for and spider-bots to index all of your content.

If visitors cannot find what they want quickly, they are going to leave your website and never come back. If the spider-bots can’t find their way around your site, they won’t hang around too long either.

#109. Internet Marketing Tips; Add a sitemap to make it easier for visitors to find information they need-fast!

If you provide a sitemap your visitors will find that information they need, which is an important step in building trust.

Likewise, if the spider-bots index your entire site, which they can do easily if you provide a sitemap, the search engines will rank you higher on many more keyword searches. And adding a sitemap is an important internet marketing tip.

If you don’t already have a site map, set one up right away, so matter how small your site is. If developers have created your site, you can ask them to add a site map. Or you can get one for free at in return for advertising their service.

If you already have a sitemap featured on your site, make sure it is easily located, and clickable for the convenience of both the User and the spider-bots to that page of the website.


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