Internet Marketing Tips; Quality inbound links increase SEO

Internet Marketing Tip: Actively seek inbound links 
to increase search engine optimization, however, the 
links need to come from a quality website.

#102. Internet Marketing Tips; 10 quality inbound links is far better that 100 ho-hum ones.

A handful of links from sites with a PageRank of 5 or better is going to be of far more value to your website ranking, then  hundreds of links from low-PageRank sites.

The relevance between the content at your website, and the content that you are linking to also factors into the equation. It’s not much good for a website about real estate to link to a website about costume jewelry. It doesn’t make internet marketing sense for search engine optimization and it doesn’t make sense to your visitor.

#103. Internet Marketing Tip; There are websites that want to link to your website.

Believe it or not, there are websites out there that actively want links to your site. Type in you keywords to a search engine and add “add URL”, “add link”, and “guestbook”. The result will be websites that actually accept URL submissions.

#104. Internet Marketing Tip; Ignore the websites that want reciprocal links, or want to charge you.

Sign up for the sites that will let you add your URL with no strings attached. Keep an eye on the page rank of each of these sites, remember you are looking for a PageRank of 5 or better.If a few of those high PageRank sites will establish an inbound link to your website, you could notice an increase in your ranking the next time a search engine spider-bot pays a visit.


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