Internet Marketing Tips; Include keywords, top and bottom, and add heading tags

Internet Marketing Tips; A successful webpage at 
Google follows a basic premise; the most important 
keywords are in the top 25% and the bottom of page.

Complicated algorithms aside (which are constantly changing anyway), a successful page at Google is a page that is simple and follows a basic premise; the most important page keywords are in the top 25% and also at the very bottom of the page.

#82. Internet Marketing Tips; Google wants to see your most important keywords in the top 25% of the page

Google doesn’t ignore the rest of the page by any means, it’s just that Google wants to see your most important keywords in the first 25% of your article and at the very end of it. In other words, don’t waste that top 25% of your article with a lengthy introduction… get right into the point of your content using your relevant keywords.

In other words, if you are a real estate agent, your first paragraph should contain your name, your title (Realtor), the geographical location you serve, and what type of real estate that you specialize in. In the first couple of paragraphs you establish who, what, when, where and why, using your most important keywords… selling to your prospect and to Google. Let them know you mean business.

#83. Internet Marketing Tips; Heading Tags tell search engines to pay attention

Back in Tip #16, “Adding Heading Tags to your page to drive traffic” we talked about how H tags are the way you tell the search engines that a header is worth paying attention to. It’s like making a sentence bold – it gets noticed. Google ignores larger fonts and italics, but looks for H tags, and your job is to list them in order of relevance. However, don’t be tempted to add too many H tags to your content for no real reason.

#84. Internet Marketing Tip: Keep your webpage simple

A good webpage is simple… deceptively simple. If internet marketing is the goal, keep your sentences and paragraphs short and snappy. Use bullet points, numbered points and be sure to leave lots of white space. An important tip – use your relevant keywords in the top 25% of the page and one last time in your last sentence.


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