Internet Marketing Tips; Start with content planning and a siteplan

Internet Marketing Tips; Content planning will  a
insure a cohesive website that enhances a visitor's 
experience and helps them find information quickly.

Content planning insures a cohesive website that enhances the visitor’ experience.

Sometimes called ‘Information Architecture’ or ‘site plan’, content planning is one of the most important things you can do when planning for a successful website.

One of the best website projects I’ve worked on was for a couple of real estate agents who gave a lot of thought to exactly what content pages they wanted included in their website.

Besides the logo design, the website template and adding a mortgage calculator, they included a list of content pages they wanted, along with a good portion of the written text. My primary job was make sure that I provided the appropriate framework that would appeal to their target market and showcase their strengths.

#120. Internet Marketing Tips; A successful website starts with up-front content planning

There are some important elements to up-front content planning;

  • Keyword research, finding keywords that relate to your product or service.
  • Documentation of the keyword’s global monthly demands and number of competitor pages
  • A strong site concept keyword, or main category.
  • At least 10 additional keywords that relate to the site concept keyword, or sub-categories.
  • Dozens of subjects that will fit under the umbrella of the sub-categories.

Your website’s visitors will hopefully stick around your site for a period of time. For this reason, every webpage is important. And, users to be able to find the information they’re looking for.

#121. Internet Marketing Tip: Plan the architecture of a website first, its navigation and its structure.

We’re not talking about graphics, text or anything cosmetic. We’re talking about a sitemap diagram, a visual representation of how all of the different webpages are going to relate to each other.

  • What does this organizational chart accomplish?
    To understand the context and purpose a website’s pages.
  • What’s good about it?
    Once you’ve added in all of the potential pages, you can drag the page titles around, playing with alternate structure and navigation schemes
  • What are the drawbacks?
    The diagram is laborious to create, and needs to maintained because it gets out of date fairly quickly.

#122. Internet Marketing Tips on content planning:

  • Organize content according to the visitor needs
  • Give pages clear and succinct names.
  • Imagine your visitors visitors navigating the website. What would they be looking for?
  • If you can’t explain why a visitor would be interested in a page’s content, eliminate it.
  • Stay true to goals of the website, the product and/or service
  • Not everything has to be a page. Some items might work better on a FAQ page, or as sidebar content.

As with most things in life, planning ahead of time will help insure that your website is cohesive. Remember that you are developing a written content for visitors that are looking for information… it just makes since to organize that information ahead of time for the best user experience.

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